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Fracking is a destructive, polluting, dangerous industry. It has caused real pain for communities in the USA and Australia and it is coming to Barnsley!

Exploratory fracking licences now cover most of the borough. Licences were granted in Dearne Valley last year and just before Christmas, a new round of licences extended coverage over Barnsley itself.

There are numerous concerns about the bad effects that fracking can be responsible for.

• Contaminate our water supply
• Pollute the air with hazardous chemicals
• Cause earthquakes
• Reduce the value of our homes
• Increase our household insurance premiums
• Make our roads less safe by increasing heavy traffic
• Leak methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide
• Cause illness in local populations
• Increase noise and light pollution from drilling operations and traffic movement.

Barnsley has an added fear, in that we can’t be sure what effect fracking will have on the old mine workings that criss-cross our area. A Keele University professor has suggested that fracking should be banned from former mining areas as being, “too dangerous”.

Now is the time to stand up against this dangerous industry, stand up for our communities and against those that would impose fracking upon us.

Please sign our petition to Barnsley Council, asking them to reject fracking in Barnsley.

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