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How can I stop fracking?

With the current Conservative Government fully committed to making fracking happen in the UK, it might seem like a difficult task to stop it.

But the Government have been trying to make fracking take off in the UK for years – and so far every attempt has fallen flat on its face. Why? Because everywhere fracking is proposed, local people oppose it. This pressure has been strongly felt by local councils who at the moment are responsible for deciding whether fracking can go ahead in their area.

The decision by Lancashire county council to reject Cuadrilla’s proposal to frack at two sites in Lancashire in June 2015 is just one in a long series of defeats for the fracking industry. These include Cuadrilla abandoning its site at Balcombe due to popular protests a few years ago, West Sussex council turning down numerous fracking applications in the South East, and moratoriums on fracking being introduced in Wales and Scotland.

What the movement against fracking has shown us so far is that it works to oppose fracking at a local level – this is where people are being impacted and this is where the decisions are made. Unfortunately at the moment it would not be possible to win a vote in Parliament against fracking, partly because so few MPs have experience of fracking (although those who do have fracking in their backyards tend to oppose it – regardless of their political party).

This means that the best strategy to stop fracking is to convince your council to reject the application. But if you don’t have a fracking application nearby, you can still help – even from your own living room. It’s really important that councils making fracking decisions feel like there is a national spotlight on them, which means people taking action by signing petitions, spreading the word on social media or supporting anti-fracking campaigns on the ground from elsewhere.

There is plenty that you can do to help stop fracking…

Add your name to petitions

One very simple but effective action to take is to sign petitions against fracking. It’s quick and easy to do but can be very effective. During the successful anti-fracking campaign in Lancashire over 90,000 signatures from across the UK from Friends of the Earth and Avaaz supporters were delivered against fracking in Lancashire, and this really helped to demonstrate to the council that this was an issue that affected the whole country and that all eyes were watching them. It also really helped us to get local media coverage and raise the profile of this campaign.

There was also a series of local petitions and letters to the council from local residents which demonstrated that a huge number of their constituents were against fracking. The combination of these national and local petitions was a really powerful tool to lobby Lancashire council.

Spread the word

You can also help to share these actions and petitions on social media to help make them bigger and make sure that they have maximum impact. You can also help to distribute leaflets and posters, talk to your family, neighbours and work colleagues

Keep up to date

There are plenty of sites that you can use to keep up to date on what’s happening on fracking and to share the latest developments. Links page.

Join us

Fracking will only be defeated by people power. Together we are stronger! If you can help and want to get involved, please contact us. Every single person counts!