Help Angela Smith to rebrand fracking

Angela Smith
Angela Smith thinks that referring to fracking as, er ‘fracking’ is unhelpful. Ever eager to help, we would like to offer a few suggestions for a new name.  

How can we rebrand fracking so that you will be convinced not to be against it anymore?

Please vote for your favourite option below, or add your own suggestion in the comments and we will send the winning name to Angela Smith.


9 thoughts on “Help Angela Smith to rebrand fracking

  1. Fer gudness sake George have some northern modicum of awareness that if we scrap fracking overnight those arses darn in the sarf will never benefit from the wisdom of northern comment………don’t get angry get a few more Yorkshire WMD idioms to shoot em with…that’ll teach em to roll out common purpose tripe.

    Iyam busy writing to all Yorkshire tourist sites asking where fracking is to take place so I don’t take my asthmatic younger family members into areas where their asthma might get worse on holiday. Normally we go to North Yorks fer a bit of oliday fesh air, ( no word processing error there I might add, Iyam from Yorkshire) but if fracking methane is everywhere why would I do that?

    Not only that my BF (best friend’s) family are Tour De Yorkshire mad, as am I, but should we ask Gary Verrity, who manages it, now a SIR, if in fact it should now be called Tour De Frackshire?

    Not only that, all those Yorkshire water spa waters….Google it and see how many Yorkshire posh bits thrive on the profits of being in a rural area soon to be fracked, but not coming out to protest against it, how sad is that?

    National Trust AONB and other trusts in the North Yorks area haven’t come out in the press or on their websites boasting about there legend of producing food in a pristine area of Yorkshire, to say how outstandingly outrageous fracking is. In fact I think they believe, as do most folk around Yorkshire, that fracking is about a drill in a field that does no damage, when in fact all those green eco industries the mob on the hill milk, will be decimated by high pollution if we don’t’ write to ALL of em asking what they will do when their land, water and produce is full of radioactive stuff.

    Don’t get angry get busy writing to all those online addresses for Yorks bottled spa Water, tourist, media, community groups, orgs such as river, angling and other trusts and ramblers, anglers and fishermen and beauty therapy agencies and don’t forget all those posh spa therapy orgs and hotels and pool areas, as well as all those farmers and local produce agencies…..the list is endless…no time to rant when there is so much to do…get busy writing asking what they are going to do to stop the pollution coming their way…………


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