Scrap Fracking UK Wide: Petition ends Friday


CLICK HERE to sign the petition.

A petition calling on the government to scrap fracking across the UK, currently stands at a little over 42,800 signatures. The petition, which ends on Friday needs 100,000 signatures to stand a chance of being debated in parliament.

Please sign the petition and share it far and wide, with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues and ask them to sign and share too. Lets do all that we can to get this petition over the line.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition.


10 thoughts on “Scrap Fracking UK Wide: Petition ends Friday

  1. The Fracking idea is dangerous not wanted and totally destructive to our planet . It must not be considered as an option and I am TOTALLY against it


  2. I’ve signed already, as I’m dead set AGAINST fracking, we don’t need to take shale gas, as it can never be returned, it’s greed for what we don’t need!

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  3. I have signed. Unfortunately many similar petitions have been submitted before and never get debated. They always provide some excuse! Fantastic to see you have joined the fight against fracking. Lets keep it out of Yorkshire.

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  4. Perhaps there should be a campaign to switch to electricity suppliers who will never use or support shale gas. These people only care about money. Telling them not to make money doesn’t work. Losing customers does. (I use Good Energy as my supplier, I left Ecotricity when they donated a quarter of a million to the (then) Fracking supporting Labour Party)


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