Fracking is bad news for Barnsley


Local anti-fracking campaigners have branded fracking as bad news for Barnsley. In the wake of the announcement of new exploratory licences that cover Barnsley and surrounding areas, campaigners say that fracking will not bring the jobs that Barnsley badly needs.

The newly established campaign ‘No Fracking in Barnsley’ was launched on Tuesday 5th January at a lively meeting at the YMCA. Where those in attendance voiced their concerns and vowed to fight off the threat of fracking in the area.

A spokesperson explained, “This is bad news for Barnsley. Wherever fracking has been practised it has left behind a trail of environmental damage.

“When fracking moves into an area there may be a promise of quick benefits for local communities, but the reality is often that the few local jobs that are created dry up once the fracking is finished and communities are left to live with the consequences.

“Fracking will not even improve our energy security or bring down bills, as any gas produced will be sold on the open market and may not even be offered to British consumers. Yet the Government has given fracking companies the green light to frack under our homes.

“We will be holding lots of events and campaigns over the coming months, to give the public information on fracking. We want to get as many people in Barnsley involved as possible and encourage them to write to their councillors.”

David Burley of Frack Free South Yorkshire joined the condemnation, commenting, “Only one week after signing the international agreement to curb climate change, our UK government seems hell-bent on doing the exact opposite, regardless of local wishes. Shale gas is yet another fossil fuel that scientists around the world say we should leave in the ground. This ‘dash for gas’ is bonkers.

“Fortunately, opposition continues to grow: South Yorkshire MPs Michael Dugher, Dan Jarvis, Ed Miliband and shadow front-bencher Louise Haigh have already called for a moratorium on fracking.

“Frack Free South Yorkshire will be actively supporting the ‘No Fracking in Barnsley’ campaign to give the people of Barnsley the facts about fracking.“

93 licences to explore 159 blocks of land across the UK were granted just before Christmas. One of those blocks (SE30b) covers an area that includes Barnsley town centre, Cudworth, Barugh Green, Dodworth, Hood Green, Worsbrough, Birdwell, Ardsley and Elsecar. This is in addition to the licences that already cover the Dearne Valley.


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